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Return of Space Simulation Games

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Return of Space Simulation Games

In this time of mundane games, repetitive gameplay and overly exploited genres, it feels good to have some fresh air with some of the old genres resurfacing once again. The credit, of course, goes to the chivalrous indie developers who, still in this world of capitalist gaming industry, light up our hearts with their spirit of creativity. One such genre that is gaining momentum by leaps and bounds is the 'space simulation' genre. This time alone in E3 2014, there were a few groundbreaking titles that truly inspired awe - quite an achievement given the nature of mediocre games these days.

Although it was a delight for me to experience all the latest games that are going to hit the market eventually, the one that truly turned my head and left me speechless was 'No Man's Sky'. This game literally beggars all description as no one has ever attempted to build or even conceive a game of such scale. This is basically a procedurally generated massive game, which may sound simple, but, as the saying goes, you got to see it to believe. The mesmerizing vistas and the bizarre environment teeming with unique flora and fauna on a seemingly alien planet are just the beginning of the story. This vast exploration game takes you on the journey to explore countless planets, and the best part is: you get to have your own space ship to fly off into space and back into different planets. How big is the size of the world you ask? Well, would it impress you if I were to tell you that every single player will be starting off on a different planet of his/her own? Can you now imagine the scale of this game? Besides the expansive universe, the vibrant visuals and dynamic environments are just sight of sore eyes.

What happens when you marry the genre of space simulation with first person shooter? You get a game called 'Dreadnought'. This free-to-play action space simulation game is just what the E3 had been missing all along. We have all played fast paced action games where little thinking and more reflexes are required. We have also seen previous space simulation games where your little pea sized craft sometimes gets into a pathetic situation with a gigantic mother-ship of some kind, and you die wishing that only if you had one of those humongous ships at your command. To fill this void in your little world of gaming, 'Dreadnought' fills right in. This free-to-play massively online game puts you in a team battle where you fight off against the enemy ships using skills and tactics (not reflexes). Ever played 'World of Tanks'? If so, then you will know exactly what I am talking about.

These are just a few titles of space simulation games that are going to leave a good long lasting mark on this genre; however, a game that will not only revitalize the genre to the backbone, but also revolutionize the gaming industry itself is 'Star Citizen'. Star Citizen is the largest crowd funded Kickstarter project to date. With Chris Roberts, the chief developer of ever green titles such as Freelancer and Starlancer, at the helms, Star Citizen is on its way to becoming one of the largest PC exclusive game in the industry. The reason why this game is PC exclusive is quite simple: the consoles just cannot handle the demand of the graphics that are being run on this game. Using modified Cry Engine 3, this game is set in an open universe with tons of exploration to be done, battles to be fought and places to be conquered.

There are many other games from this genre that are in development and very few in market such as EVE Online, Kerbal Space Program, Elite: Dangerous and Limit Theory and it all just goes to show the rebirth of the long lost genre. It is high time that the developers put on their creative hats and the gamers open up their mind to new stuff. Only then will genres like these truly flourish, proliferate and prosper.

Play Fun-Filled Shooting Games Online

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Play Fun-Filled Shooting Games Online

Shooting games have been very popular from the days when home video games were first introduced. People really took up to the various video games. They specially liked the games in which the player is supposed to go around shooting things, whether it is a bunch of enemy soldiers, mutated animals, alien aircraft, or zombies! Though these days they are called the First person shooter ones, and are developed using high-end software programming, animation, and game-designing tools, earlier even the DOS-based shooting games gave immense fun.

With the advent of internet, there are many developers who have made a multitude of them putting them in different categories of shooting games, all available to be played for free! There are many different sites which offer online games for the avid gamer as well as the amateur ones.

Online Shooting Games

Gaming on the net is an exciting experience as it gives a good shooting experience at very less cost. The virtual world provides fun to people of all ages and also keeps them coming back to try more.

Many games available online have been specifically categorized as shooting, with many sub-categories such as shooting with different types of guns, or even bows and arrows. Some even have catapults, spears, sniper rifles, and so on. Various things that one has to shoot at in these games range from bees, insects, animals, zombies, soldiers, terrorists, alien spaceships, and other multitude of movable things one can conceive!

Each game has a scoring system, and many can keep scores and allow you to compare with other online gamers. Most of them can be played on normal dial-up modems; higher resolution may need a broadband connection.

The best games you can download and start playing right away

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The best games you can download and start playing right away

Hunger for some difficult task! No pedestrian activities need, quick response and quick fingers!

After the end
Choose your way in areas full of human conversion to that third person 3D shooter. At your disposal to find the required units on your TV and get a source of malicious ideas on the planet, you would like to fight your arsenal of weapons and special skills.
Beautiful 3D graphics, sound sound, 16 weapons and devices, three sports modes (campaign, shooting range, survival), Worldwide Hall of Fame and much more.

AirStrike II
AirStrike 2 is clear here. Complete new land, car and water Armored vehicles, heavy helicopter, submarines, destroys, carriers, speedboats. Missys has a water, a desert, a high mountain and a crowded area.

Last year, the Game Tunnel AirStrike 3D has been selected by the Best Action Game, Best Sound, Best Graphics and Best Mechanical Multilayer. They should come new years with new new Airstrike classes.

The best 18 levels have three powerful boss!

5 different landscape styles!

More than 100 (!!!) different units with unique properties!

Sky Alien

Take a deeper attack on the threat to ending your threat in your home country. You will also come from many outdoor vessels, expand your weapons with more hands, solve potential obstacles and great forces. Many unique effects, unique tactics at all levels, humble music and FX audio, Worldwide Hall of Fame and much more.


Disputes at all of the powerful space companies for this exciting game of action. By using your ultra-modern space shelf deadmobile weapon with weapons, harps, bots and extra weapons. The announcement of various changes to malicious creatures, abusers, my sites and site owners. Open the asteroids and major shipping vessels before they can destroy you.

Fine graphics and special effects, perfect environmental adjustments at each level, first sound, worldwide world fame and more.


This booklet is based on ancient Invaders / Galaxian games. You need to release your planetarium plan from other countries and your space provider. The player can find a variety of different weapons and specialties for the destruction of popular trees, savannahs and sailboats. Each planet has its own types of cyborg and a unique power leader at the final level. Additional planets may download from internet.